Project Page

Our official Sourceforge page, for access to Pentagram's bug system and source-code repository.

Bug Tracker Found a bug? First check if it is already in the Bug tracker; if not, add it!
IRC Channel Logs Come talk to us on irc. Join #pentagram on
UDIC The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter - Ultima Fan Club.
Ultima: Aiera An Ultima project archive site.
xu4 A recreation of the classic computer game.
nuvie A game engine for Ultima 6.
Exult A game engine that runs Ultima 7. Many Pentagram developers also contribute to Exult.
U8 in Windows Run Ultima 8 in Windows.
Underworld Adventures Aims to recreate Ultima Underworld.
Abysmal Engine Aims to recreate Ultima Underworld 1 and 2.
DOSBox A PC/DOS emulator capable of running Ultima 8 (and most other Ultima games).

Last modified: 2009-12-09